You retreat in silence to a place where only you reside.

You retreat in silence leaving me alone outside.

Where is this special place you go to dwell?

Is it a place of comfort or a living hell?

At night I wake to your sleeping cry of pain,

Tossing, turning, screaming as the nightmares reign.

You've been through so much! I know that now.

Would that I could fix it. I just don't know how.

No one should have to walk the shores you've trod.

Tell me what to do, how to help, “Please dear God!”

I want to reach out with love, put my hand in yours,

Travel with you as you go on lost and lonely tours.

Deep inside I know the thoughts are yours alone to keep.

Your journey is much too long, the winding path too steep.

We each must find our way through darkness to the light.

No one can carry our burden, share our shrouded plight.

My heart breaks as I sit, beg for wisdom to be revealed,

Praying one day you'll return to me, whole and truly healed.

Until then...

I'll reach out with love and touch your hand,

Tell you softly...

Welcome back, my sweet love, I understand.”

Cecelia Gay 2009

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