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Pound Cake

In mixing bowl cream together until smooth
1 cup butter
1/2  cup shortning
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
1 tbl vanilla
1 tsp salt
Add 1 cup milk and mix more
Add 3 cups flour a little at a time  while continuing to mix
Spread into greased and floured tube pan.  Bake at 300 deg. 2 hours.  Don't open door. 
If your oven cooks hot cut time to 1 1/2 hours  Cool   Turn out on cake plate and glaze
with powdered sugar glaze.

You can add all sorts of things to this recipe.  Lemon juice or 1/3 cup cocoa for mocha,
more if you want it to be more chocolate  or substitute 1/2 cup orange juice for 1/2 cup millk