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I weep for the little child no bigger than my knee,
I weep for the little child who long ago was me.
Cecelia 12-1009

Those of us blessed or cursed with the creative mind often suffer depression. We live in a world where lukewarm is the
norm. We feel passionately about a lot of things. We have an overwhelming desire to share our creativity, our deepest
selves. Therein lies a problem..because as with Van Gogh.... not everyone can appreciate our need to share ourselves,
our insights, and epiphanies with them. We have relatives, mates and companions that while they may love us...just
don't get us, and quite frankly at times our passion scares them. In thinking, which is always dangerous, it came to me
that while we do look for people who share our creative interests, maybe we should be looking deeper for the relationship
that goes beyond... someone not just with an appreciation for music, but one that feels with joy the musical strains of
“you” as you play .. someone that you can see the light in their eyes as they look at your painting and you know they
are embracing the “you” of the piece and not the paint on the canvas. Someone that can enjoy and rejoice in your
idiosyncrasies, appreciate the conceptual off the wall thought. Can't tell you how many times I've heard...'Whuh?! What
in God's name are you talking about?” Anyway, it's just a thought with a question mark.

Cecelia  Jan 14 2009