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Yesterday's Tomorrow

Life slips away unnoticed. Today looks only for tomorrow.

Even in the warmth of a rising sun, we feel unwanted sorrow.

Do we brush time aside, throw away these precious hours?

Is there only one more sunrise before the dreams, the powers?

When the last sunrise has dawned, marched across the sky,

What will be remembered on the important day we die?

Sun dried moments, turned into a fragrant potpourri;

Stir them now, savor the smells, life's basket of memory.

Did the one big sunrise ever come to fulfill the dream,

Or was there always one more to burst life at the seam?

Looking back, what I thought I had to have and hold

Weren't the things that spun my days into precious gold.

It was a kiss planted softly on my forehead when my life fell apart.

It was a soul with arms that lifted me to a brand new standing start.

The love passed that day was the greatest ever known.

It was the Mother Earth for any seed that I have sown.

This same love passes straight from my heart to you,

Hoping this sharing and caring will see you through.

I'll be in your basket amidst the potpourri, stir and smell.

Then live all the minutes of your life and live them well.

For today with all it's joy or sorrow

.........................is our yesterday's tomorrow.