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Who Really Cares!!!

I hold your tiny broken body to my breast.

I feel your shivers; see the scars upon your chest.

Baby fingers clutch mine, hold on so tight.

I know your fear.... alone in the dark of night.

“Found you in the street, frightened, and crying,

Holding your mama's hand as she lay dying.

You know the last words she said to me?

Keep her safe, she's a good girl, you'll see.”

“Shh!..Dear sweet child, please don't cry.”

Ask God?… He doesn't know why.

“We'll hide here for just a little while.

Look at you, that sweet baby smile.”

I trace the lines etched in your face.

What's happening to the human race?

“Shh... Sweet baby! Please! Don’t even coo.”

Ask God?… bet He's wondering that too.

You're so hungry, no food or drink.

Have to rest a bit, need to think.

Need to think, figure what to do.

My only thought now, saving you.

“Shh, baby girl..they will hear your cries.

Ask God.???....He just sighs.

Soldiers everywhere, searching the city.

If they find us....there will be no pity.

No time to run; no place to get away.

Hunt is on; the cat and mouse in play.

Sounds just outside the door.

“Please dear God, I implore...”

We cling to each other as we take our last breath.

Tonight suffering will end in a senseless death.

Senseless death!!! What did she do?

Only crime, being born, just like you.

Tell Me! What are you thinking? Where is your heart?

Why must you tear the brotherhood apart?

Calm prevails, there's no more need for fright.

Our souls are free, we go toward the light.

Mama's standing there waiting for you to hold.

I put you in her arms, “She was good as gold!”

Someone I need to find... After all, this is HIS space!!

Questions I want to ask, eye to eye, face to face.

Beneath the skin, aren't we' all the same.

Who started this?....Who do we blame?

Where and how did this hate come to grow?


You are angry, my child. I hear it in your voice.

I am angry too! This is not my choice.

I gave you life, a beautiful place to dwell.

You changed it to a living hell.

Are there enough souls left who really care???

Enough brave souls ready to fight?...anywhere???

You are the ones who have taken this to the brink