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This Wondrous Place!

New growth sprouts shiny and bright green.
Last years fallen leaves now nourish the
Earth, supporting the never ending cycle.
...life, then death, then life again...

Yesterday I walked with Mother Earth and
Father Sun. As they shared their secrets
And treasures, I felt, as never before,
The warmth of oneness with everything around. 

I tasted the alpha and omega of the sweet
Forever soil. I smelled pungent odors from
Wild flowers and those pesky little weeds.
Begging forgiveness, I dug them from my bed.

What a wondrous place, this world of ours!

Father Sun's dawning light opens the curtain. 
At dusk he gives up his full glory as his
Melting rays of color bow to a darkening sky.
The moon and stars mellow a blackened night

Mother Earth shares bountiful harvests, food
For our bodies and beauty for our souls. Then
When our time has passed as the fallen leaves,
She covers us, once more to begin the cycle.....life, then death, then life again......

Cecelia 2009