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This Mothers Heart

My soul prays not for victory!
I beg open and unashamed
for the healing of souls.
making no need for war!

A scream of agony sears as
it rips though the soul
Another echoes back from the 
opposite side of the world

Their mother's hearts rip, bleed; 
Tears spill the blood of their soul.
Their beloved children gone....
No longer to be held to their breast


The smell of their hair and skin
wafting upward as the milk of 
life is exchanged!

The first smile...the one that lights
the world and changes night to day

The tiny fingers wrapping around fingers, 
tethering to the heart. A bond never to be
broken even in death.

So many dreams..now to never be fulfilled


Real human issues...both sides. 
Desperate needs, anger, mistrust,prejudice 

Greed of nations, egocentric leaders,
using the life blood of our sons and 
daughters to rip this bountiful world
of ours apart for their own desires

Negotiate from OUR hearts....

We are ones who know the REAL price to be paid
In the feelings of our hearts can be found a
solution!  Please, just try....for the children..

Mothers of the world..
Cecelia 2009