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Spinning in Space

Oh how I love this planet that spins in space!

I love our people called the human race!

I love the beauty of an unbroken spirit.

I hear the inspiring call. Can you hear it?

I despise the suffering that we must endure.

I despise illness for which there is no cure.

I want none to be hungry, abused, or unloved.

I want vaccines, medicine, and surgeons gloved.

I want volunteers to cover the globe without fear.

I want us all to serve... whether far or near.

We are called to rise to greater heights than seen.

Mother Earth needs help to once again turn green.

My desire is to put aside envy and greed;

Reap bountiful harvests planted with good seed.

Sharing then these harvests with all humanity,

Give to each other, put aside vanity.

I know there must be a way, there has to be.

Maybe we could figure it out...

...you and me...