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Sometimes I Ask

One time in pain I asked,
"What is there to life?"

The answer heard within myself,
"There is naught to life,
but life itself

Then I say from bended knee,
"OK... That makes sense to me."

Feeling brave...
"Wait, just a minute, as long as you're here...
Can I ask just one more question?"

"Sure, I'm all ears."

I plunge ahead

How is it the bird can sing
while all around goes wrong?

"Simple, my child.
Birds sing because they have a song!"

Then I say from bended knee,
"OK...that makes sense to me."

With a heavy heart, I ask, "Can we talk again?
There's so much more I need to know...".

And with a voice, gentle and clear.
"I'm always close, always near."

"You can find me in both life and death,
you can find me in a puppy's breath.
You can find me in the morning sun,
and in the stars when day is done.

More than this my child of earth,
I've been with you since your birth.
I am all that you can see...
Just open you heart; ask for me."

                                Until then......

Cecelia Gay 2008