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Shy Times Two

My heart cries out with a saddening swell,

A familiar feeling, known all too well.

My skin weeps from the lack of human touch,

Just wanting to be held! Is that too much?

Long for arms to soothe the darkening plight,

Arms that hold through a long and lonely night.

It seems easy for others to meet and merge,

While I stand by, left only with the urge.

I want to be part of a loving pair,

Put away my fears, find a way to share.

Practiced greetings, laughter in the mirror,

Trying to quell the hopelessness of terror.

My hands are sweating; my heart beats too fast.

Pretend I'm cool, but don't believe I'll last.

Can I conquer this fear inside of me?

What can I say or do to be set free?

Search the crowded room for a kindred face.

Look for the special one to share my space.

Hope is fading in my lonely being.

Eyes sting with tears, keep me from seeing.

Turn to run away, oh no, spill my drink.

Look up. Oh God! Could that have been a wink?

He reaches out, while smiling, holds my hands,

Then tells me: “ It's okay.” he understands!

The special warmth of his touch, the gentle caress,

Makes it a private joke that only we possess.

My world explodes, becomes the bright and blazing sun .

Waited for him so long. I'm very sure he's the one!

Cecelia 2009