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I catch my breath... filled with the moment.

Knowing there will not be many more....

This last sunset, a promise of eternity,

Stops to view itself in the mirrored lake.

Intense colors everywhere bleed and blend,

Reflect before fading into this final night.

I relax into the pillows, travel in my mind,

Wander through this lifetime...

Many roads, with many twists and turns

Take me to places of love and laughter,

And to places I never should have gone

It seems important now to bring these

Memories together....Hold them close....

The Final Wish...Look into that mirrored lake

Of life ..Understand the meaning of it all.....

The light outside dims, an inner light glows.

Time and knowledge bending... a continuing line....

No beginning....no end, ever moving,

You kiss my forehead, tears flowing,

I whisper, “Don't be sad my love,

We'll be together on the other side”.......