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No Words to Say

I cannot fix the pain you feel;
Can't say it isn't even real.

Each heartbeat brings an ache
One that shatters.. as it breaks
Breaks all the long held hopes,the precious dreams
Tosses them to the wind or so it seems.

This heartache belongs to you
I have no way to help, no glue
What I have is a love for you that cares
One in which no word compares

I love you beyond a friend, beyond this life
I love you beyond this world of strife
My love is different from the feelings of a lover
My love is different from the feelings of a mother

It is a love even the Greeks left out,
Not sure just how that came about.
But it is strong and deep as it's sent to you,
Hoping, somehow it will see you through.

So until we speak again, I hold you in my heart,
Knowing the miles cant keep our hearts apart.
You are the one to take care my precious friend,
I'm with you always....to the end......