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No Greater Love

Not a story teller, but something happened this morning so important and inspirational I have to try. Sometimes the wonder and magic of love in this world escapes us.

I believe truth is truth and comes from many great and wise leaders:

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Jesus

For those who don't know..we save the world...one stray cat at a time. Our home is home to five with two more outside that have wandered up recently and await a home at “The Haven” as soon as there is an opening. Three of those inside wandered up and two were born here, their mother failing to disclose her indiscretion when she captured my husband's heart. One is Jackson, of my poem “Jackson, My Jackson” fame, the other is his sister Ishi(short for the Goddess Ishtar).

One of the outside strays is a black, short haired male, maybe 10 lbs. Half the size of Ishi. His voice is lyrical almost sings to announce his presence, grateful to be fed the scraps the others leave. He has only one eye, a deeply scarred face and only half a tail. Being horribly abused, he has only recently come to trust us. This story belongs to Ishi and the “singer”. It is one of no greater love.

Every morning my husband takes “Mr. Kitty”, Jackson, and Ishi for a walk on a leash. Each has their turn at the great Missouri outdoors. The “singer” was on the deck when Ishi came out for her walk. I have to tell you at this point Ishi is one sassy, independent, 20 lb, prissy tail broad. She is totally unafraid and would jump an elephant if he got in her way. She descended the steps from the deck to the lower patio to find a copperhead snake a few steps in front of her. She was pulling hard on the leash to go after it when the “singer” dove in one movement from the upper deck, bypassing the stairs, placing himself directly between Ishi and the snake. Little as he is he would not let her move. Half her size, no matter how much she pushed, he pushed back harder until the snake had slithered away and she was safe.

In this case they were not even "friend"s. She lives inside and he outside. He was willing without a second thought to give his life for hers. This is about all of us being children of this earth, some of us just furrier than others. I am in awe of love, of how it can and is expressed in this kingdom we call earth. Much love to all of you. Cecelia 2009


This bought him a permanent place inside...He is still with us...He has never recoved from the abuse is cautious at every turn...He is a "Daddy's" boy and trusts my husband totally and completely.  Never a moments trouble and we love him dearly...We named him Singer...  Cecelia Jan. 2015.