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My Grandaughter

My Granddaughter

There's a special place in heaven created with a sacred nod,
A special place in heaven, that's sanctified by God.

A special place...where special angels do their thing,
A special place that makes all heaven sing.

For in this place of happiness and mirth,
Special angels, make special souls,
And send them down to earth.

There is a special angel, or so I've been told,
A special angel.... her wings pure gold.

She has dancing, daring, eyes
The crystal blue of cloudless skies.
An upturned nose, a soft round face,
A heart filled with love and grace.

 I know she's how you came to be
A gift of life for all to see.

With sprinkles of sunshine
 from the mirrored water,

She made the special soul
I call

For Chrystan 2008
Thanks God
Memaw and Pepaw