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My Darkness, My Mask, and Me

From my window, thousands of glistening shards
Break away from a brilliant sun. They float, earth
bound, landing on water, the blue of a cloudless
sky. Reflective energies dance to a pulsing beat.

Beneath, there lies a darkness deep, feeding on
A broken heart, broken dreams, hidden pain, the
wasted years. Much to my sorrow, I have kept it
healthy with many tears masked for none to see.

It's desire is my soul, but that it will not get.
It laughs as my heart bleeds the color of wine
Poured in a dirty glass. It rejoices in the pain
I feel peering into eyes that see but do not care.

Each dancing chard reflects a wounded piece of me.
The show plays, mocking my pain, enjoying my shame.
I want to hide, don't want to see...don't want to
say. Even now I cannot face reality.

I must have my mask that is so much a part of me,
The one for all the world to see. It hides the darkness.
It hides tears. It can laugh and enjoy a fantasy and
For a little while all is good and I am loved.

Without it....We are lost.
My darkness, my mask, and me.