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Just a Look Around

Day of Reckoning

The day of reckoning comes without a sound.
Not a day of judgment, just a look around.

Memories that drift like dreams before my eyes,
take me back to times of joy, then times of sighs.
My life before me floats upon a stream,
Thoughts of happiness, then a broken dream.

Milestones march and mark my time on earth,
Some filled with longing for a sense of worth.
Others fill me, happiness and joy untold,
Special moments, worth more, much more than gold.

Feeling spent, weary with soul disturbed,
I rail against invasion, totally perturbed.
Enough! I've been through this before.
I want to close my eyes; shut the door.

I wonder if I am about to die,
This can't be it! I begin to cry.
Then a gentle voice speaks to me,
Helps me understand, sets me free.

My day of reckoning drew a line,
Not in rock, but in the sand, 
      What I've done versus What I can.

Now armed with open eye, new knowledge gained,
I pray each day will end where wisdom reigned.

Cecelia Gay 2009