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The Explosion!

The death of the caterpillar,

The emerging butterfly.


The fire that warms the hearth or burns fields

The soil of the earth teeming with life and death

The gentle caressing breeze or hurricane wind

The water of a bubbling stream or turbulent sea.

The Gift

The sight of wild flower fields of random joy
 The touch of the velvety,soft petals of a rose .
The taste of a first kiss that lingers long
The sound of a child's echoing laughter.
The smell of a puppy's breath never forgotten.

The Finale

The finest wine, perfect grapes,trampled, aged
The pungent molded cheese, a ripened companion.
The warm bread,kneaded,shaped with loving hands.

The tea, brewed and drunk, resting in a china cup
The crinkled leaves of destiny,

I Am Your Life!

 Cecelia 2009