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Forever Friends

What began in dawning spring, now is winter's night.

Come walk a ways with me on my journey to the light.

Take my hand; we'll just walk and talk a while.

We'll be forever friends, go that extra mile.

Lots to share and lots to tell... that I am for sure.

I'll tell of hopes and dreams, memories to endure.

I've traveled so many paths, with many a hurt and sting.

Seems like minutes ago, but it was early... in the spring.

I don't know where the time has gone since way back then.

Lots of trouble sorting things out .. the where.... the when.

I remember summer, the warm breeze blowing through my hair,

Laughing memories, “did this”, “did that”, as my life I share.

There were hard times, pain beneath a heavy load. I agree!

Yet there were the times of beauty as far as you could see.

It was in the fall, as leaves turned from green to rust, gold, red,

I took a soulful look at the wandering paths I'd tread.

At times, don't always know the best way I should go.

I get lost! Lose my way...take paths piled deep in snow.

Winter is the greatest challenge, if truth be told .

My head says spring; my body shivers in the cold.

Now I see a turn ahead, one veering to the right.

I know that's your way; I must go toward the light.

Perhaps, beyond that unknown space of where and when,

Our paths will cross, then merge, and we'll be friends again.