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    Hello, my friend! Haven’t seen you for quite a while.                                        

    Let’s sit over here.  Should they look at us, just smile.                                             

    We mustn’t attract their attention in any way!                                                    

    Surprised you found the time to get out here today.                                      


    We used to be so close, just be together, talk                                                    

    Now there’s not a chance to even take a walk.                                                   

    I’ve been thinking, wondering how this came about.                                               

    With all that’s happened lately, I’ve begun to doubt.                                      


    Seems like our lives are tightening, filled with twists and turns.                           

    The more we ask, the harder we look, the less we learn.                                       

    I think, beyond a doubt, we were sold a bill of goods.                                              

    We stick our heads in the noose; they drop on the hoods.                          


    Our water is polluted; our air is thick with smog,                                                   

    We were looking elsewhere when they slipped it in our grog.                                  

    The thoughts of our breathtaking world, as it used to be,                                       

    Now are illusive dreams… in our fleeting memory.                                              


    We didn’t pay enough attention when they were planting seed.                           

    We were too busy with our harvest, grown with seeds of greed.                          

    In the pursuit of our goals, we became a nation of ones.                                               

    We have been thinking only of ourselves, our daughters and our sons.                      


    Couldn’t be bothered with politics, to listen to all sides.                                           

    The angry debates, bickering, seemed to cause the great divides.                        

    As I look back, I begin to see how they made their plan work,                        

    And to think about it now, just makes me feel like such a jerk.                             


    How did they quietly take over with so many of us around?                                   

    How? Because our eyes were to the skies; their feet were on the ground.              

    We were too busy to vote, trusted others with our say.                                        

    Sent them to Washington, now they’ve had their way.                                      


    “We the people” have been pushed aside; “Lady Liberty”is draped.            

    Our prospects are dwindling, jobs gone; our planet has been raped.              

    What does it take before we’ll angrily shout “ENOUGH” at last?                                        

    What lessons should we have  learned from our not so distant past?                 


    It would be insane to attempt a full-blown revolution.                                            

    Together we have power, what we need is resolution.                                                                    

    Resolution to unite once again; put a plan in place.                                               

    With new resolve, we take back our rights, and save the human race.                 


    I know we’re in such a mess, but we must find a place  to start.                            

    We have to reach in and with fervor, revive our failing heart                              

    The perfect plan I cannot see right now.                                                              

    I do not know the where, the when, the how.                                                 


    I‘m just asking you to place your hand in mine as once we stood.                                 

    Quietly now, we’ll work harder than ever for the greater good.                            

    As we part to go our different directions,                                                                    

    Movement will begin or end with our elections.

     Cecelia 2009