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Can You Hear It?

Down, down, down into a death embracing spiral.
Wings still strong, though weakening with denial.

Plunging into the darkness....

Walls close in..Bouncing both left and right,
Panicked! Straining to find a glimpse of light. 
Vacuum disturbed by the flapping spirit.
A soundless scream.  Can you hear it?

Drank their magic water. Didn't work so well!
Still spiraling downward into hell, hell, hell!

No place for weary claws to grab and rest!
Wondering, thinking. Is this the final test?
A place not found on which to stand;
To stay or go to the “promised land”?

Can't breathe, heaviness, air dry and hot.
Enough left within to try again? Or not?
Enough left to give it one more try?
Once more... before the big goodbye!


Look around one last time..all to behold.
Eyes search darkness for a glimpse of gold.
Nothing, then a tiny speck not seen before
Beckoning, calling to find the open door. 

Beak straight and sharp aims for the hope,

Wings gear up, power to a deafening beat. 
Move forward! Take off! Then FORGET defeat!!

Cecelia 2009

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