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"Feeling" the Poetry

Designer words crafted from "Toward More Picturesque Speech",
Carefully chosen, arranged, rearranged, thoughts of glory reach.

Angry venom, spewed words designed to create, incite a riot.
Carefully chosen, arranged, rearranged, steal the peace.....you pirate.

Words from boredom, babble, just looking for something to say,
Carefully chosen, arranged, rearranged, the game you play.

I'm missing the "feeling" poetry that comes flowing from the heart.
Not so carefully chosen words, passion to set the thoughts apart.

Let me hear the song of your soul as you share your joy or strife.
Speak to me with burning passion reaching every corner of my life.

As you put your pen to paper.... Look...See... Feel... then Tell...
Share the sad ones , funny ones. Let love and laughter swell.

The written word sent around the world is powerful, make no mistake,
But pretty, angry, or empty words on paper... Do Not a Poem Make!