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My View of Cecelia

Gee, Where do I start? 

Older than Missouri dirt, I live in the Ozarks on Table Rock Lake with my husband of  more than 30 years 
our 3 cats who adopted us over the years. Have 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren.  Love all forms of people, all forms of art, easy listening music, Nora Jones in particular, reading, philosophy, learning new things, and  writing poetry.

I live in the boonies,  on a lake in the Ozarks with a great view.  While more than a little isolated I love my surroundings.   I have lots of time now to do all the things I've always wanted to do, but seem not to get much accomplished . I read a lot of almost everything.   If you have time I invite you to check out the poetry page.

My interests are almost all things creative...Writing, art, drawing in particular, reading, quilting, woodworking, furniture refinishing, gardening and landscaping. Gardening in the Ozarks almost always involves digging and moving rocks.  Some I have moved so many times that we are on a first name basis

Feel passionately about children's issues, stray animals,  the environment, poverty, world conditions, cures for disease.

am grateful for all the blessing I have.        
Love my kitties, love watching them play.       
Digging in the dirt has become a passion
Moonlight on the lake makes me feel calm.       
Hope I never lose my curiosity and passion to pursue new things.
Too intense and introspective.   
Tend to take my brain out and play ball with it too much.    Think maybe I've dropped it one too many times.
Love having true friends that are real, compassionate people who understand that even if we shoot
our own selves in the foot it still hurts!
Believe we are one with everything and we have an obligation to each other, animals and people, and the planet.
I enjoy drawing people especially faces.      It's like taking a walk with their spirit, feeling the essence of who they are.
Wish no child ever had to be hungry, abused, or unloved.
Wish I knew how to defrag the hard drive between my ears!!!!!