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These are our "found children" They found us....one by one over the years.. Mr. Kitty was the first..in Des Moines.  We thought he was a girl for two years.  I was devasted when we found out he was a he.  He passed last year at 17 years old. I miss him lots.  Missy was next....She was starving and cold and so fragile.  She is still very fragile and by now is feeling her age.  She prefers to be alone and has always been grumpy.  She has passed not too.  Callie failed to disclose she was carrying, but we can't complain because  Ishi(Ishtar) and Jackson have brought a us lots of laughs and joy.  Then there is Singer, a very abused black kitty with only one eye...There have been more we couldn't keep. We have been able to place those with the Haven of the Ozarks  http://www.thehaven.petfinder.com/ They are a superb organization that appreciates donations if you care to help.

This little big guy is the child of my heart and the poetry of my soul!
Out of this love came the poem you can click to read
Jackson My Jackson!


Ahh... Nap Time

Mister Kitty
and the Mouse


All that work requires a nap!!

I Luv My Sister!

Ishi.."The Good and the Bad"

"The Good, The Bad, The Badder"

Ishi wants to know...
"Who Dat Cat"

Sweet Dreams

   MIssy.............   Hissy Missy

Max Found A Home
on a
chicken farm!