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My mind wanders as I sit in the much dreaded chair of despair.
Waiting for this toxic medication to sore through a vein in some hope to alleviate the later pain.
This evil IV, springs thoughts of jealousy.
For those who haven't been robbed of their energy, faith, and hair.. those without any other care.
Tears fall from my eyes as I push away those feelings I despise.
My heart aches for a cure, something that does not rob us of who we are, something pure.
Death hangs over my head, as I try to patch up my soul that has bled.
With passing days I become more weak, without any desire to speak.
And I begin to shake with the thoughts of my dimming future, I bow my head to beg God for a break.
I beg for every cancer patient, and those that hold them dear, I see the pain of many when I glance in a mirror.